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Playing cards, sun, moon and stars, you don't know the secrets of playing cards
From:Yongle   Date:2018-09-30
We should be familiar with poker, poker is a kind of card game in our daily life can not be separated from, because the diversity of playing methods, we play poker is not the same. And do you really know poker? Why is he 54? There are 54 cards, 365 days a year, 52 weeks, and the two kings become the sun and the moon, the remaining 52 cards represent 52 weeks a year. And playing cards on the peach, heart, Fang, Mei represents the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. And the red day represents the sun, and the black represents the night of the night. No quarter is 13 weeks altogether, just 13 cards as the corresponding, 52 card points, also just add up to 364, plus the size of the king is just 365, is the number of days a year. The twelve heads in the card represent exactly the twelve months of the year and the twelve constellations the sun passes through in a year. So don't underestimate the fact that these poker cards contain a lot of stories, and the twelve heads represent twelve historical celebrities in order to remind people not to forget them.

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